Diesel Engine Governor (DEGO IV)

Diesel Engine Governors

The DEGO Diesel Engine Governor is tailor-made for governing speed and load on diesel engines arranged in practically any possible configuration. The governors are approved by the major Marine Classification Societies.

The governors for field mounting are contained in a sturdy EMC approved enclosure (IP 54). Outputs are available for fully electric or electro-hydraulic actuators. One DC-servo amplifier for legacy ABB actuators (ASAC 70/200/400) can be integrated in the enclosure, more can be added via CANOpen bus or analog interfaces in separate enclosures, please see Actuator products. For installation in panels a smaller DIN-rail mounted version is available.

Commissioning and fault tracing as well as the monitoring of the governor functions are made with the PC-based DegoAid Commissioning Tool.

Twin Engine Propulsion

The twin engine propulsion application is used for the control of two or four engines working in pairs on a common propeller shaft via a gearbox. The application is developed to support all running conditions and configurations.


All Single Engine Propulsion options

Loading and Un-loading program

Propeller Shaft  Synchronization

Engine Synchronization with clutch-in control

Load Balance Fix

Load Balance Proportional

Shaft Load to Fuel Curve for quick response on shaft load changes

Single Engine Propulsion

The single engine propulsion application is designed for the control of diesel engines with fix- or CP propellers. The commissioning and analysis tool allows for easy installation, commissioning and maintenance of the governor.


Torque, Smoke and External Limits

Slow (low gain) Mode operation

Critical Speed Range avoidance

Fuel Pump Maintenance program

VIT control

Dual Fuel Operation

Cylinder Lubrication Control

Multi Channel Tacho to reduce torsional vibrations in shaft line

Synchronized fuel pump control for super slow RPM running

Power Generation

The power generation application is for generator sets in marine and land based configurations. It supports advanced n-1 redundancy features for separated engine rooms and high availability.


Single Engine Options

Isochronous Operation

Droop mode

Load Control

Busbar Synchronization

Municipal Grid Operation (Land Based)

Cicuit Breaker Wire Alarm

Power Reading Alarm

Electrical-Load to Fuel ratio for precise control of the electrical load sharing resulting in a remarkable stability at sudden load changes