Research Question



Mathematical model of the dynamics of a marine ship

Parameter identification, large ship model, high precision model, model reduction methods, model for real-time control, models that can be used for high-speed fuel saving optimizations

A Matlab (Freemat) or R program, thesis


Hydrodynamic model of the interaction between propeller and ship's hull

Multi-physics modeling directly, by RAND solvers, COMSOL or other equivalent tools. A novel approach for modeling propeller effects of a ship

Physical model, RAND-equations,  thesis


Roll damping actuator model and control model

To express formally the actuator equations. Design an appropriate controller

Proof of the solution in Matlab (Freemat) or R program and C code, thesis


Fuel consumption analyzer for ships

Statistical methods that can isolate environment variables from ship variables. Identification of ship parameters; state observers; linear Gaussian models

Adapt existing controller for the analysis, visual analytics tool, math model, thesis


Virtual reality ship

To visualize the dynamics of a ship using 6D inputs; visualize relevant physical features for fuel benefits

Program in Unity or other animation tool,  thesis


Gyro unit for ships

To design a gyro unit. Output in 6D.  Distributed communication in real-time. High sampling rate

Electronics prototype


Power electronics for actuator control

Robust design with fault detection

Electronics prototype


Voyage optimization

Markov Random Fields, recursive optimization methods

Discrete Optimization Matlab/R/Freemat program, thesis


Propeller pitch optimization

Traditional optimization with recursive improvement of the optimization

Continuous optimization program in Matlab/R/Freemat, thesis


Remote fault detection

Fault detection through satellite low-speed lines. Rule extraction from execution trace data.

Rule-based fault detection and isolation program in C#,  thesis


Ship database

Covers both real-time and non-real time storage of data. Redundant. Data storage optimization, means to analyze correlations in data. Big Data Analytics / Information Fusion enablers

Database, queries,  thesis

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