About Us

About us

We founded Qtagg in 1997 in Västerås, Sweden, with the aim to develop advanced, high-end products for the Marine market. Our customers are appreciating our robust, high quality products, designed with no compromises in components, functionality or usability. Our products need these qualities to withstand harsh marine conditions. We develop products in close cooperation with local companies that share our values. We enjoy working and employing students from the nearby Mälardalen University. Their enthusiasm to create artifacts moving anywhere between deep seas to orbital space is an inspiration and a source of strength to us.

The founders of the firm have extended experience in fields such as marine automation, electrical power, electronics, modelling of dynamical and hydro-mechanical systems, artificial intelligence, control and algorithms. Starting from 2008, we extended the scope of our products to increase the energy efficiency of marine vessels by patented statistical, modelling and control methods.

Qtagg Founders:

Tomas Lindqvist and Arne Löfgren